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On this Mahindra the owner requisted a 4x4 Lexus V8 autobox with the factory fitted transfer case. At the time the conversion came we did not have stcok on these gearboxes and could not get any stock.


But eventually we got one and started with the conversion.


Balero Lexus V8 Conversion



The ECU & TCU wiring was prepaired and the engine and gearbox serviced.



With the Engine and Lexus 4x4 gearbox mounted and serviced it is now time to fit it into the vehicle.



Bolero chassis Mounitings Lexus V8 conversion


Engine Mounting brackets on the chassis is ready.



Bolero Lexus V8 conversion


Mahindra Lexus 1UZ FE 4x4 Autobox Conversion


Mahindra Lexus V8


Body lift on the Mahindra

We had to do a body chassis split on the vehicle to allow some clearance for the engine and gearbox.


Side view Mahindra


Side view of the Mahindra after the 50mm body lift.


Transfer case

We might have to lift the transfer another 20mm

ECU & TCU wiring comming together in the vehicle


4x4 Selector



Spitronic Shifter fitted in Balero




You wil see that this vehicle is fitted with branches, we decided on that to suprice the client. After waiting for flanges this exhaust system almost took 2 weeks to be completed by the Exhaust company, they complained a lot about space. But it got done eventually. Good work Boys.  wink


More pics to follow, keep watching.


We are now bussy fitting the Cooling systtem to have it ready for the final journy to the Propshaft people aircon poeple and the speedo wiring.



Radiator Suport













Ready for delivery.