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Here is one of our newest and the first camper conversions.

camper lexus v8 converions


 Follow the pictures as the job progresses. We must now strip the old engine and gearbox and unnecessary parts to start fitting the Lexus V8.

L300 Lexus v8 conversion


This picture shows the original engine still in the vehicle, this vehicle was driven to us.


mitsibushi Lexus V8 conversion


Camper lexus 1uz fe V8 conversion





The old stuff is out of the way now, now the preparing starts, keep watching the site as things progresses we will post more pics.









We must do a Body lift before the conversion can go on, more pictures to follow.

Bushes for the body lift is ready.



Body lift in progress, some other secrets are also involved.


Gearbox ready for propshaft.


Water tank.






All mountings ect. are assembled, engine unit is now supported by the mountings.










Job done vehicle delivered.